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Why choose us🦎🦎🦎

Our geckos:
Healthy and active
Socialized (handled twice a week)
We only breed healthy and quality breeder geckos
We only offer quality food (Includes Leapin Leachie / Repashy / Pangea) Insects (Dubia / Black Soldier Fly and mealworms)
Affordable pricing
Can provide the gecko's origin / parents origin.
Life time support 24/7 Customer Support (We will answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge)
7 Days Health Guarantee ❤️

Toronto Canada 

WhatsApp 6478653337



Small scale breeder in Toronto Canada🍁

Crested Gecko lover and collector.

Specializing in New Caledonian Gecko.


CRESTED GECKO (Correlophus ciliatus)

  • Soft scale / super soft scale
  • phantoms
  • RED / Heartbreakers line

GARGOYLE GECKO (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)


Striving for perfection

We refine and define crested gecko morphs.

Bringing your typical gecko to the next level. Every gecko is unique in their own way. Delivering you a healthy and active gecko. Breeding only the best quality geckos.

Another red project

This gorgeous deep red vibrant gecko.

The dream project

We are fortunate enough to acquire a het-axanthic.

This gorgeous male 100% het axanthic was acquired from Reptiledge all the way from Altitude exotics line. He will be the key of our Axanthic and Axanthic-Lilly White project.

Other New Caledonian Gecko

We offer other New Caledonian gecko. We have a pair of Sarasinorum, Leachianus and a group of Chameleon Gecko.

TOS / Shipping ✈️


Payment Options 

We only accept payment via PayPal, Email Transfer and Cash (Pick up only). This gives us and you the protection in the sale. All payments must be cleared prior to shipping. All payment plans will be done through PayPal and Email Transfer. 


All Gecko Purchases are Final (No returns No exchange) 

We do not refund the cost of our gecko under any exception. Please make sure you are prepared for your new pet or project, and that you understand the overall cost of caring for your new gecko. 


Payment Plan 500$ and up only 

25% nonrefundable deposit will be required to hold any animal. The payment plan cannot exceed three months in length. During the plan, you must provide a monthly good faith payment. Gecko will not be shipped until payment is completed. 

If the gecko become sick or perish while on a payment plan,  

A full refund including your deposit will be given. 

By purchasing a gecko from us you are agreeing to these policy




We ship via Reptiles Express Canada (Canada Wide) 

International shipping must be set up by the buyer. 

Correct Shipping Information Must Be Provided. We are not responsible for your mistakes  

(Always double check your address) 


Shipping Policy 

We will make arrangements for your gecko shipment only after full payment has been received.  

Please contact us at themoderngecko@gmail.com or Whatsapp 647-865-3337  

We prefer to ship directly to your closest FedEx Ship Center because the animals typically arrive earlier than designated delivery location. 


Please provide us with this information below 


Labels will need: 

• Name 

• Email Address 

• Phone Number 

• Address (Please Double check) 


Always double check the address that you provide us is the correct address for shipment. In addition to your address, we will need your e-mail address and a good phone number to reach you. This goes on the shipment label in case FedEx needs to reach you and is required for live animal shipments. 


Gecko Tails 

There is a chance that geckos can drop their tails during shipping. Geckos also drop their tail when they are stressed and for what seems like no reason at all. The dropping of the tail does not have a negative effect on their health or breeding. We are not responsible for the rare occasions that a tail is lost during shipping or dropped while in your care. 


7-Day Health Guarantee 

Your gecko is guaranteed to be healthy for a full seven days after delivery. This guarantee applies only if you are present to receive your animal for home delivery at the time of delivery or receive your animal within two hours of FedEx Ship Center delivery.